The long road to AMI

Long road to AMI white paper coverThe electricity landscape in Australia is undergoing enormous developments right now, driven by changing regulatory, technological and network innovations. It is becoming apparent that a smart electricity network is coming to Australia, sooner rather than later.

So far, the most stakeholders in the industry have considered is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) roll-outs using smart meters and electricity utility owned data networks. However, this approach demands substantial upfront capital outlay, complex and lengthy deployment and doubtful cost-effectiveness.

“Rapid technology lifecycles are making business planning for utilities and metering providers even harder. Current strategies for AMI rollouts run the risk of getting caught in a technology cul-de-sac in a few years’ time due to the advent of newer technologies providing similar benefits, faster and cheaper.”

We discuss and compare the lesser-known smart grid options in our white paper ‘The long road to AMI (and alternative routes to get there)’.

This is the first in the DataCol Insight white paper serieswhere we explore the options available to stakeholders in the Australian utilities space, when considering the future of smart data collection.

One possible approach involves making existing infrastructure smarter, instead of rolling out an entirely new communications infrastructure. Machine to Machine (M2M) interfaces are getting smarter and cheaper to deploy every day. This technology transforms smart meters into high speed, connected hubs allowing utility and metering companies to deliver real time consumption information to the users and react immediately to service interruptions.

“The rapid advances in computing power, data management and communications bandwidth as well as the considerable reduction on the cost of each, has resulted in the Internet of Things (IoT) presenting a potential to transform grid resilience and efficiency.”

Download the white paper The long road to AMI (and alternative routes to get there) to learn about:

  • Locking down the AMI cost-benefit equation.
  • Absence of perceptible benefits to end consumers.
  • Challenges for utilities.
  • A smart approach to meter data collection.
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