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Should FC300 users be concerned about their meter data management strategy?

With the supply of new Itron FC300s no longer available, support ending on 31 December 2021 for the hand-held unit, spare parts becoming increasingly sparse and support sometimes slow, utilities do not need to panic – there is a solution and it could be easy to implement. Itron have announced end of support for FC300 […]

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AMR in Action

AMR systems have the ability to gather data of similar calibre to AMI, just not as quickly. This still increases the analytical potential of the data and the accuracy of information collected. With the meter reading taking place electronically within the vicinity of the meter (usually from the street of the house), AMR (like AMI) […]

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AMR: The Better Fit for Your Community?

The biggest discrepancy between AMR and AMI is AMR’s continued reliance for community Meter Readers. Although the appeal of AMI is the cost cut of a utility’s Meter Reader fleet, this methodology essentially cuts off the utility’s main connection to the community it serves. Meter Readers capturing MMR and AMR data have a presence in […]

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