Strongcast – a powerful partner to complement Itron’s water solutions

Strongcast setup
Strongcast has been working alongside Itron in Australia since 2011 and in that time has developed a range of ancillary products to complement Itron’s world class water solutions. Since Strongcast’s arrival, an innovative range of products has continually been introduced to the domestic metering sector that has not been seen before.

Strongcast Manifold Metering Solution Installation

Strongcast has been able to design, trial and produce such practical solutions due to a long history of plumbing works and a coherent comprehension of Utility services. Strongcast has been able to design and manufacture metering networks with the least amount of connection points, set and protect assets in ground as well as offer a robust and future proof network. The Strongcast virgin DR brass valves, fittings and manifold bases can be expected to last decades in the ground and still allow for itemised maintenance if necessary.

StrongCast Manifold Metering Solution – 25mm Polyethylene Pipe + Additional Downstream Ball Valve

Queensland Urban Utilities is one of Australia’s largest water authorities and relies heavily on manifold water meters in high populations. Strongcast’s manifold product range has been used for a number of years here and has solved many of the issues that became extremely costly for the utility. Diaphragm valves and polymer ball valves have all been banned in QUU due to the high failure rate and the consequential cost their maintenance created.

Strongcast and Itron have delivered a system that has allowed the Councils to be able to use both manifold and inline meters alike in very similar assemblies, making this versatile system ideal for both scenarios if ever desired.

Strongcast Moulded Meter Bracket

As many Utilities race towards advanced metering solutions, it must be emphasised that even the smartest meters can be hindered by poor performing ancillary components. The meter is the heart of any billing assembly, yet the neighbouring parts are just as critical to the success of this asset.

Through the DataCol and Itron partnership, Strongcast can now also enter the New Zealand metering space to offer a superior range of products. DataCol take an agnostic, multi-vendor approach, which enables them to work with multiple meter brands at utilities and councils. It gives New Zealand water utilities and councils the flexibility to use multi-meter networks, rather than replacing any current meters with vendor exclusive equipment. DataCol clients save time and money, while still producing reliable, quality results. The open technology framework of DataCol also protects their client’s investment – if another type of meter is added to the infrastructure in the future, they would still be able to read that meter-generated data using the DataCol solution.

To find out more about the benefits Strongcast, Itron and DataCol can bring to your New Zealand water utility infrastructure, give Mark from DataCol a call on 021 416 311.

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