Water Consent, Waste Water & Effluent Monitoring

DataCol Water Effluent MonitoringBeing able to monitor and manage water and other natural resources is a key to the future of many industry sectors, including agriculture, leisure and processing industries. Carbon emissions, soil quality, effluent output, weather variables and so on are all becoming increasingly important factors to measure.

At DataCol we are helping organisations and individuals improve their water usage efficiency and effluent output through the provision of monitoring tools and services. Our solutions are highly reliable, easy-to-use and are backed with proven support.

Developed by DataCol, Collect is a product for gathering and presenting data from remote devices that monitor environmental information (water, air, soil, temperature, effluent and weather). The solution automatically collects data from meters and other devices in the field, collating and presenting it to the customer via www.managemywater.co.nz, email and text message. It also has the flexibility to work with any other data-logging equipment as well as our own in addition to being able to sync and interact with third party meter providers such as Itron, Siemens, Burkert and ABB.

As an Irrigation New Zealand and National Environment Standards (NES) authorised provider, together with our partners DataCol provides an end-to-end monitoring solution that includes:

  • Metering technology
  • Installation services
  • Data telemetry
  • Data collection
  • Compliance reporting services

DataCol Collect features include:

  • The ability to be configured to collect issues around backflow and leak detection and automatically notify utilities and end users through Action Point requests.
  • Provision of water management and data logging equipment
  • Telemetry systems for remote monitoring
  • Installation and on-going maintenance of equipment
  • Electronic collection, storage and presentation of 15 min metering data
  • Service and support
  • Water meter verifications and audits for compliance regulations 
  • Ability to integrate other data recording devices (e.g. soil moisture, weather)
  • Website for data visibility – www.managemywater.co.nz

DataCol ensures that you will have an effective platform to work from to allow you to achieve your desired business outcomes and drive growth. As business models and technologies continue to evolve, you can rely on DataCol to deliver top class systems and fresh ideas to keep you ahead of the game.

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