Meter Reading Management

The speed, accuracy, and quality of meter readings have an immense impact on your ability to satisfy customers and build a profitable business.

DataCol is at the forefront of helping Australian and New Zealand utilities and councils to collect and manage metering data more effectively. Rather than relying on expensive and inflexible proprietary technology, we apply fresh thinking, open technology, and industry experience to provide solutions that make the collection of metering data smoother.

For Meter Reading Management, we utilise the SevenX system, which consists of server software that manages field force logistics and collects meter data from handheld units (HHU) in the field via manual or automated reads. Based on open technology, SevenX allows our customers to use commodity priced handheld computers rather than expensive and inflexible propriety hardware. Clients purchase their own hardware if preferred. SevenX interfaces with leading systems such as SAP, Technology One and many more.

Utilities are using SevenX to make their meter reading more efficient and cost-effective, and enable them to improve customer service. SevenX has successfully replaced multiple MVRS deployments and delivered a modern connected workforce.

SevenX improves metering operations through:

  • A streamlined ‘meter to cash’ process
  • More current, clearer view of meter reading operations to monitor performance and identifies process improvements
  • Accuracy and validation of meter-generated data improved
  • Real-time photo capture ability
  • Improvements in field force productivity and health and safety
  • Significant reductions in call centre traffic with consequent cost reductions, as utilities increased the timeliness and accuracy of billing and meter-reading frequency
  • Improved H&S logging and auditing
  • Enabling field service jobs such as disconnections and re-connections
  • Improved business efficiency, greater savings, and the ability to focus energy on growing businesses rather than managing logistics and complexity
  • Greater ROI on technology investment
  • A technology platform to introduce other field force automation initiatives

SevenX runs on standard handheld computers running Windows Mobile and smart devices running Android OS. Clients purchase their own handheld hardware if preferred.

SevenX can be delivered as an in-house application or provided as a fully hosted solution. Flexible pricing models are available to suit the customer’s business model.

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