Meter Data Management

Redefining smart means being able to apply fully automated, remote meter data collection systems when they are the best solution.

DataCol offers intelligent metering solutions in the form of automated meter reading (AMR), advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems and online data presentation portals.

The company has wide experience in urban and rural environments, which gives it the know how to help you plan and implement flexible and cost-effective reading systems. Our solutions can integrate into your current operations, and will evolve as you grow or as new advances in technology emerge.

For example, in the water sector we have developed some powerful monitoring solutions to help organisations improve the efficiency of their water use. We provide an end-to-end water monitoring solution that includes: metering technology, installation services, data telemetry, data collection, data presentation via the web and compliance reporting services.

DataCol has become an authorised data service provider in New Zealand, and audit approved for compliance with irrigation resource consents.

We offer a fresh, smart approach by:

  • Deploying the right technology solution for your meter data collection challenge
  • Offering cost-effective metering technology that can be deployed on a large scale with partner organisations
  • Utilising sophisticated data collection and presentation solutions so you can make use of data in real-time e.g. interfacing with data warehousing systems
  • Provide web and mobile access to meter data for compliance or management use.

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