Manual Meter Reading Service

DataCol’s dedicated team of men and woman, coupled with our flexible and dynamic technology will get the job done without compromising time or safety.

DataCol Meter Reading ServicesDataCol offers a full range of contract meter reading services for water, electricity and gas utilities in New Zealand. These include round scheduling, conducting normal scheduled manual meter reads, AMR reads, special reads and key management.

Utilities and councils choose DataCol for field service because of an outstanding service commitment that makes meter data collection easier for them:

  • ‘On Day’ reading solution. This gives utilities greater assurance around billing timeliness, improved cash flow and smooth’s back office workload. 
  • Manual and AMR readings collected
  • Automatically returns daily reading data to customer billing systems
  • Provides a single point of service for nationwide data collection
  • Improves management reporting
  • Full industry compliance managed on your behalf
  • Complete turnkey service

Completing over 20 million reads annually across New Zealand, DataCol works with New Zealand’s largest water, gas and electricity utilities.

DataCol are ISO 9001:2008, ACC Secondary Level Workplace accredited and annually audited by the Electricity Authority for NHH meter reading – the last three audits passing with ‘no recommendations’.

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