Meter Reading Services

If it’s got a meter, DataCol can read it. Well, at least if you want to read water, gas or electricity meters in the most efficient way possible. We offer a comprehensive Advanced Meter Reading solution that will improve efficiency and help save your organisation time and resources.

Strategy and Consulting Services

With over 12 years of experience in operating a meter reading field force, DataCol has built up strong industry knowledge and proven methodology across the water, gas and electricity sectors. DataCol works with utilities, councils, farmers and their service providers to analyse meter reading performance and identify initiatives for improvement.

Manual Meter Reading Service

DataCol’s dedicated team of men and woman, coupled with our flexible and dynamic technology will get the job done without compromising time or safety. DataCol offers a full range of contract meter reading services for water, electricity and gas utilities in New Zealand.

Meter Data Management

Redefining smart means being able to apply fully automated, remote meter data collection systems when they are the best solution.

Meter Deployment and Management

Worried about the logistics of deploying smart meters? Need a local vendor with proven technology to achieve efficient deployment which meets customer expectations? DataCol has developed a software solution called DataFlow to help utilities manage the logistics of this roll out, improving communication with customers and reducing costs per install.

Meter Reading Management

DataCol is at the forefront of helping Australian and New Zealand utilities and councils to collect and manage metering data more effectively. Rather than relying on expensive and inflexible proprietary technology we apply fresh thinking, open technology and industry experience to provide solutions that make the collection of metering data smoother.

Revenue Collection

If it’s got a meter, DataCol can read it. However, that’s the start of the process. How do you scale your resources to now start billing and all the additional problems associated with this?

Water Consent, Waste Water & Effluent Monitoring

At DataCol we are helping organisations and individuals improve their water usage efficiency and effluent output through the provision of monitoring tools and services. Our solutions are highly reliable, easy-to-use and are backed with proven support.