SevenX gets some fancy new features

We’re rolling out some new features for SevenX which will provide greater efficiency and accuracy with your meter readings. Here’s one of the features:

Photo Capture Application
The photo capture application is a new SevenX module developed from the requirements of our customers. It is a fully integrated module that allows meter readers to capture photos at a metering site and have them labelled, data time stamped and transmitted via a mobile network in near real time to SevenX for review and acceptance.

One specific example where this module has proved highly beneficial is with meter readers not being able to collect water meter readings through obstacles blocking access. Meter readers can capture photos of offending vehicles and number plates which can be sent to the water retailer. If a customer calls and queries their invoice around an estimated reading rather than an actual reading, a captured photo can be produced to validate the meter reader made best efforts to collect the reading but was hindered by an obstacle. Customer service staff can co-ordinate with customers to ensure there is free and safe access to the water meter for following reading cycles.

We have also found that, using this process to capture photos of water meters during the readings process, it can reduce the number of check reads being issued or the requirement for water engineers to undertake site visits to validate collected readings.

Another use of the application is for revenue assurance where meters suspected of tampering can be photographed and sent to the retailer for further investigation.

We’ll keep you updated as more of these features go live.

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