Reduce potential leak points by 60% with Strongcast

Water Main Leak

Non-revenue water losses through leaks is a challenge that councils and utilities across New Zealand face, with aging infrastructure and poor-quality fittings contributing to millions of litres of lost water every year.

Councils are looking to upgrade and replace water networks and infrastructure to take advantage of new technology and methods which will help them become more efficient and robust. While many councils and utilities race towards advanced metering solutions, it must be emphasised that even the smartest meters can be hindered by poor performing ancillary components. The meter is the heart of this setup, yet the neighbouring parts are just as critical to the success of this asset.

Strongcast have developed a solution that can help reduce the risk of water leaks. Its Complete Meter Assembly Kit has minimised the amount of componentry and connection points to reduce the risk of leaks compared to other solutions on the market.

The Tingalpa, Queensland, Australia case study, outlined in the video below, demonstrated that on a street with 15 properties, a typical assembly could have 11 connection points. Taken across all 15 properties, this would equate to 165 connection points. Using the Strongcast solution, this was reduced to 60 connection points, therefore decreasing the risk of connection point leaks by 60%. Having less connections helps reduce the time it takes to install each assembly, improving efficiency and driving down labour costs.

Watch the video below to see how this works.

Through the DataCol and Itron partnership, Strongcast’s superior range of products are now available in New Zealand. DataCol take an agnostic, multi-vendor approach, which enables them to work with multiple meter brands. It gives New Zealand water utilities and councils the flexibility to use multi-meter networks, rather than replacing any current meters with vendor exclusive equipment.

DataCol saves clients’ time and money, while still producing reliable, quality results. The open technology framework of DataCol also protects their client’s investment – if another type of meter is added to the infrastructure in the future, it would still be possible to read its data using the DataCol solution.

To find out more about the benefits DataCol, Itron and Strongcast  can bring to your New Zealand water utility infrastructure, give Mark from DataCol a call on 021 416 311, or send him a message through the contact page.

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