Press release: Tauranga City Council partners with DataCol for water meter reading

New partnership gives Tauranga City Council a “best in class” service for water meter readings.

Tauranga City Council has announced a new partnership with New Zealand’s leading national meter reading and data collection company, DataCol, for the meter reading and data management of the city’s 51,900 water meters.

The council has already seen the benefits of water metering and by partnering with DataCol will help gain even greater efficiency and accuracy of meter readings.

DataCol brings to the city a wealth of experience from the water, gas, electricity and agricultural sectors. They have also been contracted to Watercare Services Ltd, the water services division of the Auckland City Council, for the past four years, and are responsible for 87% of all of the Super City’s water meter readings.

“This new partnership is further evidence of the Tauranga City Councils outstanding customer focus for ratepayers,” says Bruce Franks, CEO of DataCol.

“Our years of experience and expertise have allowed DataCol to promise to deliver a ‘best in class’ service standard, setting a zero tolerance level for meter reading errors.”

Bruce says the company’s reputation and success has attracted attention from other councils around New Zealand as well as international interest.

“We’ve set the bar high for ourselves, and it’s something that we’re quite proud of. The challenge is keeping that high standard of service and it’s something we’ve been able to do and will now be delivering to the city of Tauranga,” concludes Mr Franks.

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