DataCol currently partners with irrigation equipment and services providers to offer a complete water monitoring solution.

Water monitoring partners

REL Rakaia Engineering LtdGIHarris mcneill PGG Plains Redline TL

Who we’re looking to partner with:

  • Irrigation equipment suppliers
  • Providers of water meters
  • Water meter installers
  • Hydrologists and other industry consultants
  • Suppliers of farm technology and instrumentation (e.g. soil moisture sensors, scales, weather stations, security systems, etc)
  • Rural electrical services companies
  • Industry associations

Why partner with DataCol?

  • Proven solutions
    Including software, hardware, field services, telemetry and online data
  • Confidence
    DataCol is an Irrigation New Zealand, a NES, and an ECan authorised provider
  • Technical capability
    Experience and technical know-how to support partners
  • Experience
    Familiarity in undertaking large scale utility projects
  • Reliability
    DataCol has worked with a number of large organisations in the water sector including Watercare Services and Waimakariri District Council
  • Trust
    DataCol currently collects water metering data from thousands of users in North and South Island, giving farmers amongst others useful information to help better manage their land

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