Water and Energy Utilities


At DataCol we think it is time to redefine the smart network. Smart shouldn’t mean automation at any cost, smart should be about delivering the right solution for a utility and its customers.

What is a smart network? Is it installing a particular type of meter? Is it using special software? Or is it something else?

It’s the data, and what you do with that data, that makes you smart. There are a number of technology tools for Intelligent Networks that collect vast amounts of data. While it can be relatively easy to collect, the difficulty is in collating, managing and making sense of the collected data within confines of tight budgets. Utilities are often faced with a multitude of options from many disparate suppliers.

Our experience has shown that there is never a one fits all solution. At DataCol, we work with you to build a solution that best fits your needs and desired business outcomes. We first ask you what your problem is, and from there we’ll develop a strategy and utilise the most appropriate tools and technology to help solve that problem. That can be anything from a fully automated solution through to a hybrid of manual and technology-driven data collection and presentation.

The bottom line is that all that data that gets collected and presented it to you in a meaningful way that will benefit both you and your customers.

So instead of rushing in and getting caught up in buzzwords and all the hype; stop, take a breath, step back and really think smarter.

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