DataCol Launch its AMR solution at WaterNZ Conference – Roturua 16-28 Sept

If it’s got a meter, DataCol can read it. Well at least if you are commercial organisation wanting to read water, gas or electricity meters in the most efficient way possible.

DataCol has expanded its services to offer intelligent metering solutions in the form of automated meter reading (AMR) which is seamlessly upgradeable to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems.

The company has wide experience in urban and rural environments, which gives it the know how to help you plan and implement flexible and cost-effective reading systems. Our solutions can integrate into your current operations, and will evolve as you grow or as new advances in technology emerge.

Applying AMR

Some of the areas where AMR (a technology approach that allows readers to simply walk by a meter and automatically upload the data) can help utilities, is in the area of ‘hard to read’ meter properties. These could be through conditions such as dangerous access, no access, confined spaces or dangerous animals.

DataCol solved a number of these problems for one of its customers in the Auckland region.

The problem involved a number of sites identified as being dangerous to access (in an underground pit in the middle of a busy footpath), difficult access (heavy lid requiring two meter readers to lift – increased costs) and properties where keys were not available or security prevented access. In these cases, the DataCol AMR solution was easily installed and the connections added to the SevenX meter management application.

Using an off the shelf hand held with the SevenX meter reading application and the SevenX AMR hardware, meter readers collect these readings in their normal reading route without the requirement of additional resources and cost. In addition, the SevenX meter reading software can be configured to collect issues around backflow and leak detection and automatically notify utilities through Action Point requests.

Not only can our AMR solution be used for water, it can be used on gas and electricity meters. AMR complements DataCol’s existing manual operations and seamlessly integrates consumption data into customer billing applications.

Complementing the AMR solution DataCol provides a ‘On Day’ reading solution with an average 98% attainment of meter readings on day. This gives utilities greater assurance around billing timeliness, improved cash flow and smooths back office workload.

DataCol ensures that you will have an effective platform to work from to allow you to achieve your desired business outcomes and drive growth. As business models and technologies continue to evolve, such as the growth of AMI, you can rely on DataCol to deliver top class systems and fresh ideas to keep you ahead of the game.

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