DairyNZ launches mobile-enabled site for dairy farmers

Source: Computerworld


Industry body DairyNZ has launched a website to give farmers mobile access to a library of information on dairy farming.

The website, which has been formed by merging eight websites into one, has been designed to be responsive for farmers who look for information via tablets and smartphones.

“Over 60 percent of farmers now have smartphones and want technical farm information on the go – from their farmbikes, the tractor and in the dairy shed,” says Andrew Fraser, DairyNZ brand marketing manager.

“This is one of the most comprehensive farming sites, which can now be instantly accessed and easily used on their phone. It covers everything from how to manage mastitis to getting employment contracts right for farm staff.”

DairyNZ’s dairy farmer survey found that over 30 per cent of farmers use tablets. In total, over 20 percent of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

“Dairy farmers are adopting new technologies all the time and accessing information to make quick decisions on the farm. The website gives access to decades of research and tools which help find solutions or information for farm systems.”

The new site’s features include supplementary feed revenue calculators and filtering templates.

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