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AMR systems have the ability to gather data of similar calibre to AMI, just not as quickly. This still increases the analytical potential of the data and the accuracy of information collected.

With the meter reading taking place electronically within the vicinity of the meter (usually from the street of the house), AMR (like AMI) minimises the chance of human error occurring in the recording process and decreases the time it takes to record the data. It also requires less equipment for the Meter Reader to juggle.

Capturing accurate reading data means that consumers are charged fairly. Inflated readings results in the consumer being over-charged and potentially  reduced revenue for the utility.

The time saved from using automatic meter readings can be reallocated to tasks such as customer service, maintenance, analytical work and identifying opportunities to improve service levels.

AMR meters proving popular in Auckland and Sydney

In Auckland, the AMR walk by capability has significantly decreased the time it takes to complete the meter reading process. Using a handheld unit, it now only takes 5 – 6 minutes for a Meter Reader to take readings in a high density property, greatly increasing efficiency and saving man hours. It also enables the Meter Reader to complete readings when the businesses are closed or difficult to access.

In Sydney, we have implemented a mix of manual Meter Reading and AMR meters. What makes it even more challenging is that there is also a mix of different meters from different manufacturers in their network. The DataCol solution has been able to take the readings from the diverse meter environment and feed it through to one collection point and system. This Multi-Vendor AMR solution has saved time and money in being able to utilise the existing network and creating a smart platform.

DataCol Group attending DistribuTECH 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

If you would like to discuss water metering and everything involved, please visit our stand 969 (near the delegates lunch area), at DistribuTECH 2016. Contact Bruce Franks, CEO, if you would like to meet up via or +64 21 421-072

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